9X-G Gyroc rocket

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Close-up of a Hydra missile in flight in Halo Infinite.
A 9X-G Gyroc rocket fired from an MLRS-2 Hydra in flight.

The 9X-G High Explosive, Air Bursting (HEAB) Gyroc rocket is a kind of explosive, self-guided ordnance in the service of the United Nations Space Command. It is the primary ammunition of the Hydra series of multiple-rocket launchers in UNSC service, capable of being rapid-fired and seeking out targets given a guidance lock from the launcher itself.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The 9X-G is a High Explosive, Air Bursting (HEAB) gyroscopically-stabilised rocket capable of being locked onto a target and self-guiding itself onto the designated target.[3][4] In standard operation, they are loaded into the various launchers of the Hydra family in 6-rocket revolving cylinders, with the rockets visible to an external observer. The Hydra's advanced semi-automatic targeting and tracking system allows the weapon to designate individual infantry targets, or even specific vehicle components,[1] using a real-time connection with an operator's VISR to confirm the lock before firing. However, the missiles can also be launched in a dumb-fire mode if needed.[2]


The 9X-G is predominantly used by the Hydra family of gyroc missile launchers. These include the;

Alongside the various Hydra models, the High Five variant of the M57 Pilum rocket launcher equips special experimental submunition ammunition. Rather than the M57's typical M29 rocket, the High Five fires a cluster of five 9X-G gyroc rockets that can lock onto both ground and air targets.[8]


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