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H5 Hydra Typhon.png
Production overview


Chalybs Defense Solutions[1][2]

Model series:



Multiple rocket launcher



91 centimeters (36 in)[1][2]


14 centimeters (5.6 in)[1]


38 centimeters (15.1 in)[1]


11.0 kilograms (24.3 lb)[1]

Ammunition type:

9X-G High-Explosive Air Bursting Gyroc rockets[2]

Feed system:

6-rocket revolving cylinder[1][2]

Firing mode:

Semi-automatic (300 rpm)[3]

Effective range:

  • 24.36 m (79.92 ft) (unscoped)[3]
  • 87.72 m (287.8 ft) (scoped)[3]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"What Chalybs builds, Watershed Division perfects. Improved Hydra Launcher with upgraded recoil compensation, warhead damage, and reload speed."
— In-game description[4]

The "Typhon" is a special variant of the Multiple Launch Rocket System-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher manufactured by Chalybs Defense Solutions. Named after the Lernaean Hydra's father, it is one of two major sub-variants of the MLRS-1 line to be utilised by the United Nations Space Command. Unlike the standard Hydras made by Chalybs, Typhon has been upgraded by the Watershed Division, an R&D group within the Office of Naval Intelligence.[4]


Design details[edit]

Outwardly, the Typhon retains the standard MLRS-1 Hydra Launcher's chassis and mostly keeps its original paintjob but adds olive green and red stripes, along with a olive green falcon emblem in the middle part of the weapon on each side. The UNSC logos have also been moved closer to the front of the weapon.[5]

Operationally, the Typhon retains a broadly similar working principle to other weapons in the Hydra line. However, it has been upgraded with improved recoil compensation, higher damage per projectile, and faster firing and reloading speeds. These upgrades were carried out by the Watershed Division in an effort to improve on Chalybs' original design.[4]


In late 2558, Spartan-IVs serving aboard the UNSC Infinity trained with the Typhon in War Games simulations.[5]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Typhon is a Rare 5 energy Power Weapon REQ worth REQ Points 100 when sold. It operates identically to a normal Hydra Launcher, although it is considerably more powerful. Each missile from the Typhon deals more damage, has a slightly larger blast radius, and is fired in quicker succession. The weapon also has slightly less vertical recoil and reloads more quickly, with controller vibrations being felt only after the last missile has been loaded in. Unique to this weapon is its ability to lock onto three targets at once; the targets can be either vehicles or infantry. These improvements over the normal Hydra Launcher make the Typhon a devastating weapon against ground troops.[3][5]

Changes from the Hydra Launcher[edit]

  • 50% faster firing rate.
  • Faster reload speed.
  • Increased damage.
  • Larger blast radius by 1.00 m (3.28 ft).
  • Vertical recoil slightly reduced.
  • Can lock onto three targets at once.
  • Can hold 6 more missiles for a maximum total of 30 (6 active + 24 reserve).


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