XM250 Light Grenade Launcher

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XM250 Light Grenade Launcher
H5G - M290-M Gungoose.png
Twin XM250 LGLs mounted aboard the M290-M Gungoose.
Production overview


Grenade launcher


Ammunition type:

High-explosive grenades

Feed system:

Revolving magazine


The XM250 Light Grenade Launcher is a heavy armament employed by the United Nations Space Command. It consists of a revolving magazine capable of semi-automatic fire that can be used to fire grenades. They are generally mounted aboard the M290-M Gungoose, an armed variant of the standard M290 Mongoose - replacing the M67 machine guns found on the M274-M Gungoose variant.[1]

The specialised Gungooses operated by the Office of Naval Intelligence load their XM250s with a specialised kind of grenade. Rather than the impact-detonation of the standard grenades, the ONI load instead uses timed fuses, allowing the grenades to bounce off surfaces before detonating.[2]

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