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Chalybs Defense Solutions emblem.

Chalybs Defense Solutions (CDS) is a human defense technology contractor that was formerly based on the Outer Colony of Meridian. Chalybs Defense Solutions provides the United Nations Space Command with various armor, weaponry, and tanks; most notably, CDS was formerly responsible for manufacturing the M808 Scorpion.[1]


The Scorpion, CDS' most notable product.

In 2479, Chalybs Defense Solutions was one of the several military contractors that took residence on the human Outer Colony of Meridian.[1] CDS established numerous facilities on Meridian, including one in the city of Angoulême.[2] The company secured the contract for the M808 Scorpion, bringing profit and economic stability to both Meridian and themselves.[3][4] CDS also developed and manufactured the M850 Grizzly.[5] Chalybs Defense Solutions was contracted by the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence to manufacture the M145D "Rhino" artillery vehicle, which was based on the ONI-developed Zeus 320mm plasma cannon,[6] and to manufacture the Operator armor for the Beta-5 Division's Asymmetrical Action Group.[7] Chalybs also developed the standard-issue pilot helmet for the UNSC Air Force.[8] Both armor systems were tested at the Chalybs Testing Preserve.[7][8]

During the Human-Covenant War, Meridian was attacked by the Covenant in 2548, hoping to cut off the supply lines Meridian provided to the United Nations Space Command's war effort.[1] By 2551, Meridian was glassed by the Covenant and CDS was forced to abandon all of their facilities on the world.[9]

Following the Covenant War, Acheron Security took control of manufacturing the M808 Scorpion,[10] while the Naphtali Contractor Corporation took over production of the Operator and Commando armors.[9] In 2556, Chalybs Defense Solutions was one of many companies put under "active investigation" by ONI after the Sedra terrorist attack.[11]


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Chalybs is a genus of gossamer-winged butterflies.

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