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United Republic of North America


Less than 6-7 million[Note 1]

Governed by:



Seattle is a large metroplex on the west coast of the URNA.[1]


A settlement on the eastern shore of Elliott Bay was named "Seattle" in 1852, after the name of a chief of the local tribes. At some point following the dissolution of the United States of America, and the formation of the United Republic of North America, the state of Washington ceased to exist as a political entity. The city eventually grew in size to encompass much of what had surrounded it. Some of the cities engulfed by the spread of Seattle, such as Kirkland, retained their names as subdivisions of the sprawling metropolis.[1] As of 2555, Dr. Luther Mann had a modest apartment in the city which he had moved into after his father's death. He only spent about eight weeks out of every year actually living there, however.[2]

The Space Needle's height compared to those of a number of figures.


The Space Needle is an observation tower and an icon of Seattle. The 605-foot tall tower was constructed in 1961. Seattle (downtown Kirkland, specifically) is also home to 343 Industries' 434 Combat Readiness Lab, where the manufacturer tested its FOTUS-class Mjolnir.[3] The armor was partly hand-crafted from the finest locally-sourced materials.[4] Downtown Kirkland is known for "rough and tumble" streets, and the surrounding area is frequently overcast and frigid, making it seem like Winter for nine months out of the year to some.[3]

Economy and Society[edit]

Seattle hosts a number of competing corporations which frequently engage in corporate shadow-wars with one another. The aforementioned FOTUS armor had proven invaluable during some of these conflicts. Seattle possesses the highest per-capita number of coffee dispensaries in all of human-occupied space. Records of the area surrounding the 434 Combat Readiness Lab specifically indicate that there are enough coffee and congealed sugar dispensaries for each resident to have their own. Unified Earth Government administrative agencies have been alerted to the anomalous distribution of these facilities.[1]


The UNSC Seattle was a destroyer in the UNSC Navy named after the city.[5]


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  1. ^ The fourth most populous city in the URNA, New Phoenix, had around 6-7 million residents prior to the New Phoenix Incident. Seattle must have less than this.