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Logos for Acheron.
The corporation's logo.

Acheron Security is a human corporation which designs and manufactures advanced systems for the United Nations Space Command.[1][2]


Logos for Acheron.
A poster for Acheron Security.

Acheron Security once developed Tactical Autonomous Robotic Defense System, an early effort by the corporation to create autonomous combat drones. The project was later deemed irrelevant with the advent of augmentations in human soldiers.[3]

Following the Covenant war, as part of the Damascus Ordnance Commission, Acheron Security was contacted to produce and refine second generation MJOLNIR suits.[4] As well, the corporation assisted in the construction of the Nova Austin Station on Cascade.[5]

In 2556, an Acheron Security facility was under "active investigation" by ONI after the February 7 terrorist attack.[6]



The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:

Planet Location Facility Name/Facility Role Citation
Mars Gdynia, Acheron Fossae Acheron Trauma Sim [7]
Earth Chicago, URNA Tactical Autonomous Robotic Defense System test site [3]

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Halo Online[edit]

A "Military Sensors Division" for the company was mentioned in the description of the PIONEER-class armor in the now cancelled Halo Online.


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