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Art of Cascade, pulled from this YouTube video.


Handan system[1]


Two;[2] Windfall, Ochre[1]





Human (Non-native)


Unified Earth Government


Cascade is a Unified Earth Government Outer Colony world. The origin point for numerous commercial goods, Cascade is considered the crown jewel of the Outer Colonies.[1]



Much of the Covenant War era population is housed in a ribbon of relatively newly built arcologies and floating cities.[1]


Known residents[edit]


Rise of humanity[edit]

Cascade was founded in 2435. The first wave colonists settled and remained in several core metroplexes.[1]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

Main article: Human-Covenant War

The UEG spent a considerable amount of resources on the planet to replace losses elsewhere in human space. As well, skilled technical and engineering personnel from other Outer Colonies ended up on the world. To defend all of this, a naval depot was established on the world in 2530.[1]


After the war, Cascade emerged as one of the most urbanized, richest surviving colonies.[1] Several major corporations in Mindoro, the capital city of Cascade, backed the construction of a new space elevator in the city. The elevator's terminus, Nova Austin Station, was slated to become the most important commercial spaceport on the planet when completed. This construction site was reproduced as a War Games simulation for the UNSC Infinity's SPARTAN-IV complement.[4][5]

In the post-Covenant War years, conflict also arose on Cascade, which led to the deployment of SPARTAN-IVs to the planet. MJOLNIR GEN2's outer-plated gauntlets were developed for the Spartans fighting on Cascade.[6] The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Protector GEN2 variant was used in raids on Mindoro and Volamon on Cascade.[7] Additionally, the MJOLNIR (GEN2) ODST armor was also produced on the planet.[8]

Government and society[edit]


Cascade was home to a naval depot.[1]


Cascade is known to be home to some agricultural activity. "Technoartisinal" greenleaf lettuce grown on Cascade is used by the restaurant Have S'Moa on Gannick 22 in their "Ground Pounder" burger meal.[9] The defense contractor Cascade Stronghold Technologies was also based on the planet.[8]

The planet had a space elevator, which was being rebuilt by several corporate entities.[4]


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