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Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the family Asteraceae often grown as a leaf vegetable. Native to Earth, its leaves are edible and have been a staple part of many human culinary dishes throughout history. By the twenty-sixth century, lettuce is still grown and consumed by humans.

In 2552, Jersey Morelli ordered a burrito that contained lettuce.[1] Lettuce was also among the provisions kept by Luther Mann during his time on Zeta Halo; he often fed some of it to a small deer-like animal, which he named "Vanessa", that came to his campsite each morning.[2] In 2558, Cdr. Maya Sankar of the Office of Naval Intelligence commented on Mshak Moradi's fighting ability by noting that his resolve was only about as sturdy as a piece of lettuce.[3] Lettuce is also known to be grown on Cascade, with "technoartisinal" greenleaf lettuce grown there being an important part of the burgers served by the restaurant Have S'Moa on Gannick 22.[4]


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