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Have S'Moa
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Wiljax Brantley[1]


Wiljax Brantley[1]


Gannick 22[1]


Gannick 22[1]

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Moa related food products[1][2]

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"From the grasslands of Reach to the dinner table of every UEG citizen—you won’t find the finest flavor-laden moa morsels anywhere else!"
— Wiljax Brantley[3]

Have S'Moa is a restaurant and petting zoo owned by entrepreneur Wiljax Brantley, located on Inner Colony planet Gannick 22. Have S'Moa often shipped in Moa for both food and petting zoo purposes.[1][4]



Have S'Moa is a restaurant and petting zoo owned by entrepreneur Wiljax Brantley, the company specialises in the Reach based Moa species.[1]


  • KolonyKids Meals - A children-themed meal containing Moa nuggets.[1]
  • Ground Pounder with Cheese - A stacked burger that is comprised of two 100% UNSC de-radiated moa angus patties, one chicken patty, technoartisinal Cascade greenleaf lettuce, Sedran red fruit, two slices of space cheddar cheese, and Ugparassa smoked Moebius bacon served on sesame seed buns.[5]
  • Space Elevator with Cheese - A larger stacked variation of the Ground Pounder burger.[5]
  • Slipspace Burger with Extra Cheese - A triple-patty burger with various toppings. Brand new as of 2560.[6]
  • Moa Caesar Salad[2]
  • S'moa Brownies[2]
  • Sweet Potato Fries[2]
  • Onion Rings[2] - an onion ring advertised as "the size of Halos!" following the discovery of the Halo Array.[4]



Moa shipment and popularity[edit]

Directly before the glassing of Reach in 2552, the restaurant received a shipment of moa from the planet. With most of Reach's native moa wiped out during the battle, Have S'Moa had ownership over the largest moa population. Due to the species' rarity, their value skyrocketed and made Wiljax Brantley a very rich man practically overnight. The restaurant quickly grew popular after the war, with moa nuggets becoming an incredibly expensive delicacy among wealthy Unified Earth Government dignitaries.[1]


Arturo Bustamante included items themed around Have S'moa in his cookbook.[2]


  • Have S'Moa is a reference to the popular modern-day restaurant McDonald's, with the KolonyKids Meals being a reference to McDonald's Happy Meals.
  • As part of the marketing for Halo Infinite, Halo partnered with Pringles to produce potato chips inspired by the moa burger. These Moa Burger Pringles were sold exclusively at Walmart locations.[7]
  • Also as part of Halo Infinite's marketing, Xbox produced T-shirts emblazoned with the logo of Have S'Moa.[3]


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