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Arturo Bustamante
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Yaka Frutas (formerly)[1][2]


Arturo Bustamante is a human civilian.[1][3]


For much of his life, Bustamante worked as a corporate manager for the Yaka Frutas corporation. During his role, he travelled throughout the colonies aboard United Nations Space Command spacecraft in the service of managing corporate contracts and other business.[1] This included up-selling food supplies to the heads of various organizations in his role.[4]

These travels took him to Reach (where he frequented New Alexandria's Club Errera),[3] Andesia (in particular it's Flamenco Street plaza), Mombasa, and the UNSC Infinity, and eventually inspired him in his retirement to collate many of the recipes he discovered over the years into one document. Bustamane's hope in doing so was to bring the recipes of the wider galaxy into circulation and be more easily accessible for the average citizen.[1][2] For the latter contract, Bustamante was involved in procurement during the construction of Infinity thanks to his experience - though at the time was given almost no information about what he was procuring for.[3]

On top of having eaten a variety of human foods, he has also tried Sangheili foods, though has gotten sick many times over due to it.[2]


Bustamante was created by 343 Industries as the point-of-view character for the real-world Halo Cookbook. The book is framed as an in-universe book written by Arturo Bustamante based on his experiences travelling across the galaxy. The civilian viewpoint was done at the specific behest of 343.[1][3]

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