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This article is about the soundtrack. For the Halo 4 multiplayer map, see Skyline (level).


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Skyline is the eleventh track (Disc 2 Track 2) in Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack, and plays in the Halo 3: ODST campaign level NMPD HQ. It is composed of No Response (0:00-1:23), Pick a Target, Any Target (1:23-2:56), Love At Long Range (2:56-4:35), and Air Traffic Control (4:35-7:02).


No Response[edit]

No Response (1:23) opens with synth effects and digital chimes, much like in Lost and Unfound (from the earlier track More Than His Share) and Look Both Ways (from the earlier track Traffic Jam). However, it is soon joined by a muted and ambient synth melody. This ambiance holds for a short while before fading out. Low strings fade in, playing a short snippet of the low string melody from the second section of the track Suite Autumn (from Halo: Original Soundtrack),[1] then joined by high strings for an ending. The piece plays during the opening cinematic, then continues into the gameplay sequence afterwards.

Pick a Target, Any Target[edit]

Pick a Target, Any Target (1:33) features various percussion instruments playing a tribal rhythm. The rhythm becomes more complicated before the synth effects and digital chimes from No Response make a short reprise. The piece plays in the first and second rooftop courtyards, where Edward Buck and Kojo "Romeo" Agu fight groups of Covenant. The short reprise of No Response plays when the two enters a room containing corpses of NMPD officers and Covenant, and continues when they enter the third rooftop courtyard.

Love at Long Range[edit]

Love At Long Range (1:39) opens with percussion playing the crisp beat from Oscar Mike (from the earlier track The Menagerie) quickly joined by low strings playing a suspenseful and intense accompaniment. The low strings become more prominent, soon joined by short fanfare notes. The instruments swell by repeating a fanfare-like melody before ending in synchrony. The piece plays in the fourth rooftop courtyard, where Buck and Romeo encounter a Jiralhanae War Chieftain.

Air Traffic Control[edit]

Air Traffic Control (2:27) is a remix of On the Prowl (from The Menagerie) with additional low brass parts, electric guitar cues, and occasional theremin. The piece repeats the main melody before fading out. The soundtrack version is noticeably shorter than the in-game version, which features additional improvisation snippets from the electric guitar.[1] The piece plays in a loop when Alpha-Nine defend the crash site.

Production notes[edit]

  • The name No Response alludes to Buck's attempted transmission to Rookie during the opening cinematic.
  • The name Pick a Target, Any Target is a likely derived from Buck’s instruction to Romeo, "Pick a target, take it out."
  • The name Love At Long Range refers to Romeo's status as the squad's marksman.
  • The name Air Traffic Control refers to the Phantoms and Banshees being fought by Alpha-Nine in NMPD HQ.