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This article is about the Halo 3: ODST soundtrack. For other soundtracks titled "Finale", see Finale.


Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori




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Finale is the seventeenth and final track (Disc 2 Track 8) in Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack. It is composed of From the Ashes (reprise) (0:00-1:12), Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (1:12-4:55), Old Friend (4:55-6:02), Reborn Relic (6:02-6:53), and Prepare to Drop (6:53-8:12)


From the Ashes (reprise)[edit]

From the Ashes (reprise) (1:12) is a reprise of From the Ashes (from the earlier track Bits and Pieces), albeit shortened by omitting the repeat of the first section. This piece plays first in the ending credits in Halo 3: ODST.

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper[edit]

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (3:43) opens with percussion and low strings building while accompanied by piano snippets from Strong Silent Type (from the earlier track The Rookie). Strings and piano enter a heavy melody, layered by brass and woodwind fanfares. Woodwinds also break into the trembling melody from Strong Silent Type, which is occasionally echoed by strings. Midway through the piece, the strings soften, and, while accompanied by soft percussion, repeat the slow and solemn melody from Street Sweeper (from the earlier track Traffic Jam), though on plucked strings, even progressing into different variations using first species counterpoint.[1] A solo saxophone then enters with the somber melody of the second theme from Rain (from the earlier track Deference for Darkness). It then repeats, accompanied by strings and woodwinds. The piano, strings, and woodwinds continue the melody together, with all instruments replacing the saxophone in playing the three-note cue grandly. The instruments return to initial heavy melody, swelling in intensity and raising registers, then plays the climatic ending together. A variation with omitted instruments at certain points (such as the trembling melody by woodwinds) plays in the campaign level Coastal Highway, first when Rookie and Edward Buck watch the CAS-class assault carrier glass New Mombasa and Veronica Dare's Olifant comes under attack by a Deutoros-pattern Scarab. The version without woodwinds and high strings plays again during the final wave of Covenant at the entrance of Uplift Nature Reserve. The full version plays in the ending credits after From The Ashes (Reprise).

Old Friend[edit]

Old Friend (1:07) opens with a reprise of the crisp and rhythmic percussion from Block by Block (from Neon Night), accompanied by soft low strings. As the percussion gets louder, high strings join in, followed by piano, and together they play a swinging variation of the five-note E Dorian fanfare from Finish the Fight (from Halo 3: Original Soundtrack). The piece plays in the epilogue of Halo 3: ODST.

Reborn Relic[edit]

Reborn Relic (0:51) is a reprise of the mournful vocals and strings from the opening section of Halo Reborn (from Halo 3: Original Soundtrack), albeit shortened to only include the first phrases. The piece plays in the Legendary ending of the game.

Prepare to Drop[edit]

Prepare to Drop (1:17) opens with high strings holding a single note, quickly joined by saxophone three-note cue from Rain. Strings and a flute repeat the cue, and they are joined by piano and tribal drums as they play the trembling melody from Strong Silent Type. The saxophone repeats the cue again, leading into a soft and hopeful melody by high strings. The melody is then repeated by piano, low strings, and percussion before all instruments enter a climatic finish. The piece plays in the Keep It Clean trailer.

Production notes[edit]

  • The name Old Friend alludes to the appearance of Avery Johnson in the Epilogue.
  • The name Reborn Relic alludes to the Portal at Voi being shown in the Legendary ending.
  • Before the release of the soundtrack, an excerpt of Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, titled as "ODST Theme (Partial)", along with three other pieces from the soundtrack, was made available for download on[2]