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Prepare To Drop (music)

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Prepare to Drop is the soundtrack featured in the Halo 3: ODST "Keep it Clean" teaser trailer. The soundtrack underscores the last part of the Halo 3: ODST Trailer when The Rookie exits the drop pod and surveys his surroundings. It runs for 1 minute and 17 seconds, which is a 117 reference. It is part of the track Finale.

Scoring Synopsis[edit]

High strings fade in, playing a chord that reflects the mood in the trailer. A solo alto saxophone plays a dissonant three notes (A flat G and C) over this string setting. The tempo changes to a brisk paced 6/8 time with the addition of timpani, piano, "busy" low strings, and flute (which plays the same three notes the alto sax played). Tribal drums are added as the pace slightly quickens and the ensemble hits a crescendo at the middle of the soundtrack. At this point, the music reverts back to the a tempo and mood where the alto sax plays the same three note solo. Strings start to expand upon this musical idea, hitting an impact point at the end of the phrase where the tempo changes back to the brisk pace of before with drums and piano and, if you listen carefully, trumpet. Brass joins at the end of the soundtrack to finish the trailer grandly.

Known Instrumentation:

  • Strings
  • Alto Saxophone[1]
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Piano
  • Harp
  • Suspended Cymbal
  • Timpani
  • Bass Drum


  • The soundtrack runs for 1:17 seconds, the same length as Remembrance and Rock Anthem for Saving the World, and is also a 117 reference.
  • Also, if the run time for this soundtrack is put into seconds, it runs for 77 seconds, a reference to Bungie's favorite number (77 / 11 = 7).


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