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The Office of Naval Intelligence

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This article is about the soundtrack. For the intelligence branch of the UNSC, see Office of Naval Intelligence.
The Office of Naval Intelligence


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The Office of Naval Intelligence is the ninth track (Disc 1 Track 9) in Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack, and plays in the Halo 3: ODST campaign level ONI Alpha Site. It is composed of A Heavy Toil (0:00-1:04), Strong Medicine (1:04-2:31), Uphill Both Ways (2:31-4:07), Access Denied (4:07-6:15), Infestation (6:15-7:17), and Clear the Air (7:17-8:48).


A Heavy Toil[edit]

A Heavy Toil (1:04) open with a cymbal clash, following by heavy percussive beats. The volume and intensity swells until finish. The piece plays in the opening cinematic, when Taylor "Dutch" Miles and Michael "Mickey" Crespo are arming explosives on the bridge leading into ONI Alpha Site, then continues into the opening gameplay sequence on the bridge. It also plays during the final wave of each round in Firefight.

Strong Medicine[edit]

Strong Medicine (1:27) features the strings and brass, featuring a reprise of the low strings melody from the first section of Strong Silent Type (from the earlier track The Rookie). The piece plays when Dutch and Mickey make their way into the inner courtyard of ONI Alpha Site.

Uphill, Both Ways[edit]

Uphill, Both Ways (1:36) cuts in with heavy synth beats. The synth notes ramps up into a complex rhythm. It slows down in the middle before repeating its opening rhythm, followed by a reprise of the complex rhythm. Low strings enter and the piece ends. The piece plays when Dutch and Mickey are defending the inner courtyard of ONI Alpha Site.

Access Denied[edit]

Access Denied (2:08) features eerie ambiance paired with muted percussion, which uses the same rhythm as Proceed with Caution (from The Rookie). The piece plays when Dutch and Mickey are defending ONI Alpha Site.


Infestation (1:02) is ambiance with synth effects. The piece plays when Dutch and Mickey are taking the elevator to the roof while under attack by a swarm of Yanme'e. The piece also plays in Mombasa Streets when the Rookie is approaching any beacon other than Dare's helmet, which leads into the level Tayari Plaza.

Clear the Air[edit]

Clear the Air (1:31) fades in with the percussion melody from Trailhead (from the earlier track Deference for Darkness) without the digital notes. The beats get louder before being joined by low strings, then high strings, at the end. The piece plays when Dutch and Mickey fight off the Covenant on the roof of ONI Alpha Site, and the strings enter in the ending cinematic, when Mickey activates the explosives in the building.

Production note[edit]

  • The name Uphill, Both Ways refers to the design of the inner courtyard of ONI Alpha Site, which is the setting of where the piece plays in-game.
  • The name Access Denied alludes to NMPD officers, Dutch and Mickey defending the atrium of Alpha Site to deny Covenant access to the ONI building. It also references screens found in various locations in-game which says the same phrase.
  • The name Infestation refers to the Yanme'e building a hive under New Mombasa, akin to a bug infestation.
  • The soundtrack used in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer is a remix of Uphill, Both Ways.[1] The track was later included in Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack as Both Ways Remix, which never plays in the game itself.