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This article is about the soundtrack. For the campaign level, see Data Hive. For the achievement, see Data Hive (achievement).
Data Hive


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Data Hive is the fifteenth track (Disc 2 Track 6) in Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack, and plays in the Halo 3: ODST campaign level Data Hive. It is composed of We All Got Secrets (0:00-1:33), Only One Way In (1:33-3:12), Core (3:12-4:46), and This Way Up (4:46-6:01).


We All Got Secrets[edit]

We All Got Secrets (1:33) features synth effects and digital chimes, accompanied by a muted synth melody. A shortened version plays in Nox Aeterna (from the earlier track No Stone Unturned), and its full version in this track features a different opening and additional synth melodies. The piece plays during the opening cinematic, then continues into the gameplay sequence afterwards.

Only One Way In[edit]

Only One Way In (1:39) opens with synth effects followed by a muted percussive rhythm. The rhythm is accompanied by a synth melody. It plays in variations before ending with a scramble. The piece plays when Rookie and Veronica Dare enter the Yanme'e hive.


Core (1:34) opens with synth effects and digital chimes. They swell in intensity before ending with a drum clash. Strings then take over with the tranquil and flowing melody from Cast Aside (from the track No Stone Unturned), much like a reprise of the same melody in Yet Alone (from the Overture). The piece plays when Rookie and Dare arrive at the sublevel 10 of New Mombasa Data Center and continues into the cutscene within the main data core of the Superintendent. The string melody of Cast Aside only plays in the cinematic if the player triggers the alternate cinematic by having collected all 30 Audio logs. The drum clash plays when Quick to Adjust accesses the security camera to see Jiralhanae Jumpers arriving at sublevel 10.

This Way Up[edit]

This Way Up (1:16) fades in with muted percussive rhythm which slowly grows louder before ending with a short reprise of We All Got Secrets. The muted percussion plays when Rookie and Dare link up with Edward Buck, while the reprise of We All Got Secrets plays when they escort Quick to Adjust through the locked door and to the elevator.

Production notes[edit]

  • The name We All Got Secrets is a direct quote from the NMPD officer encountered in the level.
  • The name Only One Way In is a direct quote from Dare when referring to access to the Superintendent's data core, "Problem is, there's only one way in from here...right through the hive."
  • The name Core alludes to the Superintendent's main data center, which is the setting in which the piece plays.
  • The name This Way Up references to the ODSTs taking an elevator to leave the data center.