Unidentified NMPD officer

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Unidentified NMPD officer
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October 20, 2552

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New Mombasa Police Department


"Kinsler gave me real specific instructions - make sure the doc's dead, and make double sure no one knows about it."
— The Unnamed NMPD Officer

This officer was a member of the New Mombasa Police Department who worked for the corrupt Commissioner Kinsler. He was killed during the Battle of Mombasa on October 20, 2552.


Some time during the Covenant invasion of Earth, Kinsler sent this officer and his team into the Superintendent's data center. Most of the team was killed on the way down; the officer was the only team member remaining when a rookie Orbital Drop Shock Trooper encountered him on Sublevel 07.

The officer's objectives were to confirm Dr. Daniel Endesha's death at the commissioner's hands, to kill the Huragok inside the Superintendent's core, and to retrieve the AI's core data. He was unable to complete the mission; the Superintendent did not trust him, so it locked all the data stacks and some of the doors. The Rookie's arrival, however, allowed the officer to progress further into the facility.

Upon reaching a frozen section of the data center, the officer told the Rookie to wait outside a room as he needed to check on a "personnel issue". The Rookie followed him, however, and saw that he was inspecting Dr. Endesha's corpse. The corrupt policeman, caught red-handed, told the Rookie of his goal. He stated that the Rookie could not be allowed to live and quickly attacked the ODST. The Rookie killed the police officer in self-defense, prompting the Superintendent to note that "CRIME DOESN'T PAY. GOOD CITIZENS DO THEIR PART".[1][Note 1]


  • The officer is immune to headshots and his shotgun can not be traded. He is also invincible until his scripted death or when he attacks the player.
  • Using Theater to watch the officer's death at the hands of the Drones will reveal that the Drones do not actually attack him. Instead, the Drones simply appear and flee. The officer will then simply vanish after standing still for a few seconds.
  • In the original Xbox 360 version of Halo 3: ODST, killing the hostile officer awards points in campaign scoring, however he does not appear in the player's postgame carnage stats as an enemy killed. In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the kill awards neither points nor medals, yet the officer does appear in the postgame carnage report as an enemy killed, listed as a marine. At launch, the marine icon was red because marine kills would normally be considered friendly fire; when the game was released on PC in 2020 this was corrected and the icon is now blue.
  • The player can abandon him as soon as possible when entering the room where Sadie's father is located, even before Vergil warns the player. If the player can shake him off, he will pursue the player, and he won't be able to follow further to where the player will meet with Dare if the player reaches a section before encountering the Covenant, who attempts to force open the door. The door behind the player will be sealed once it reaches an intersection.
  • The player can receive a helping hand unlocking the Strong, Silent Type achievement since the NMPD Officer is invincible, the player can use him as a bait and assassinate Brutes from behind.
  • If the player heads to the next area when the NMPD Officer starts pursuing the player upon discovery of Sadie's father's body, he will automatically die when Vergil locks the door once the player enters the next area.


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  1. ^ If the player has not acquired 29 of the 30 Audio logs, the officer will instead be killed by a swarm of Drones when the Rookie descends to Sublevel 09. The Superintendent will still remark on the officer's guilt, however. This article assumes that the former sequence of events is canon, as Halo: The Essential Visual Guide indicates that the Rookie uncovered all the audio logs.


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