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Quick to Adjust
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"Everything we need to know about the Covenant, what they're looking for under the city is right... in... here."
Captain Veronica Dare

Quick to Adjust[2], deemed Asset RD-9743-X by the Office of Naval Intelligence,[3] is a Huragok that was once attached to the Covenant Fleet of Sacred Consecration in 2552 who defected to the UNSC during the Battle of Mombasa in October of 2552.[4] Humans rarely use Quick to Adjust's formal name and refer to it simply as Vergil, after the subroutine of New Mombasa's Superintendent AI which the Huragok absorbed and in some respects merged with.[5]


Battle of Earth[edit]

During the Covenant invasion of the city of New Mombasa, Quick to Adjust and six other Huragok were dispatched into the tunnels underneath the city, possibly to hack into the city's electronic systems and the Superintendent artificial intelligence. However, six other Huragok instead began to free Quick from its explosive harness. While the six others were killed, Quick survived and made its way into the data center of the Superintendent, where it began working on repairing the AI. During the process, Quick would save the badly damaged AI, and later absorb most of its data, including a subroutine, Vergil, into itself.[6]

By the time Captain Veronica Dare and the Rookie arrived in the data center, they discovered Quick among the data stacks.[4] As they escaped the facility, Quick provided them with energy shielding. Eventually, they managed to escape the city and extract Quick. A month later, Quick, which still had access to the Covenant battle network and held information on the Covenant, was being held on an ONI orbital facility. It was interrogated by Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, and agreed to share any information it had, lighting Johnson's cigar as a friendly gesture.[7] Using a data pad, Quick to Adjust created a speech-to-text program that gave himself a voice and allowed him to speak with his new human allies.[8] Although the Huragok was interrogated by ONI on information relating to the Portal at Voi, they were unable to obtain any actionable intelligence before the Prophet of Truth arrived in his Forerunner Dreadnought.[9]


While working with ONI, Quick to Adjust was given the name "Vergil" by Captain Dare because of his absorption of the Superintendent's subroutine. Additionally, the Huragok maintained a special connection to Sadie Endesha, as Vergil had originally been created by Sadie's father to take care of her. Vergil and Sadie participated in a number of field operations for ONI, including one in which they possibly aided in a new MJOLNIR development project on Talitsa in August 2555.[5] While there, however, they were kidnapped by United Rebel Front forces and taken to one of the URF's strongholds on the planet. Although they were ultimately rescued by SPARTAN-IVs Edward Buck and Kojo Agu and taken to Mars, ONI deemed it too risky to allow the Huragok to work in the field again.[10]


  • Like the other Huragok found in the game and in spite of its lack of armor, Quick still has shields to protect itself, and also is able to grant close friendly units shields, including the player (the only instance the player will be given energy shielding in ODST). However, the player has no shield monitor, and if playing on Legendary difficulty, the shields decrease in strength rapidly.
  • Quick to Adjust is not named in Halo 3: ODST; it is only identified as "VRGL" on the Rookie's HUD in Halo 3: ODST, due to the fact it held the Vergil subroutine in itself. Halo: New Blood establishes that the Huragok was later universally known as Vergil because of this.


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