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Talitsa Gasgiant.png


Sverdlovsk system[1]



Orbital position:

Third natural satellite[1]



0.90 G[1]


0.95 (O2, N2)[1]



Human (Non-native)





Talitsa, also known as Vitalyevna III,[3] is an Outer Colony under control of the United Rebel Front. Talitsa is a natural satellite of the ringed gas giant Vitalyevna, a planet in the Sverdlovsk system. It was one of the few worlds left unscathed by the Covenant. It had a strong anti-centralization and pro-colonial autonomy sentiment, even before the Human-Covenant War.[1]



At least a part of Talitsa features a desert with large rocky outcroppings and tunnels.[4]



Several uprisings occurred in the colony's major population centers in 2493, 2516, and 2520.[1] The UNSC managed to halt these early political uprisings, but this only fostered a more radical form of dissent, now in the form of secluded and heavily armed redoubts. Ultimately, these sites provided the foundation for a number of major political movements.[5] Outside of the moon's heavily fortified capital, the rest of the colony was essentially ungovernable. The separatist groups ultimately disbanded by 2528, although the pro-colonial autonomy sentiment remained.[1] The WETWORK-class Mjolnir, a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2), was tested against the United Rebel Front on this moon.[6]

During the civil revolts on the moon, Wetwork was instrumental in halting the growing dissidence in the colony's largest population centers by swiftly and delicately eliminating the leadership of several uprisings.[7] The URF established many outland redoubts sites on the world. Some of these bases were discovered following the Human-Covenant War, but most remained well-hidden. The upper echelons of the Unified Earth Government began to fear that another armed rebellion would occur.[1] A simulation of a rebel stronghold was later used by the UNSC Infinity's SPARTAN-IV complement for training.[4]

In August of 2555, SPARTAN-IVs Edward Buck, Michael Crespo, and Kojo Agu participated in a mission at a United Rebel Front facility on the moon to recover the captured Huragok Quick to Adjust and his human handler Sadie Endesha. Despite Crespo's defection to the URF, Buck and Agu were ultimately successful in rescuing Endesha and the Huragok.[8]

In October 2558, forty hours before Alpha-Nine's arrival to Cassidy III, the Created subjugated Talitsa, before the URF's negative to accept Cortana's demands. After a Guardian knocked out their power grid, the Created sent Forerunner armigers to "clear out what was left".[9]


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