Sverdlovsk system

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Sverdlovsk, eclipsed by Vitalyevna, as viewed on Talitsa

The Sverdlovsk system is a planetary system orbited by at least three planets. A planet in orbit around Sverdlovsk is Vitalyevna, a ringed gas giant with twenty-seven natural satellites.[1] Sverdlovsk is an orangish-yellow star.[2]

One of Vitalyevna's moons, Talitsa, is an Outer Colony of the Unified Earth Government. However, opposition to the Talitsa Corporate Council's affiliation with the UEG led to numerous uprisings on the colony. Following the Human-Covenant War, Talitsa is mostly under the auspices of the United Rebel Front, with an exception of the world's capital.[1] By 2557, the Via Casilina Trade Route had arisen between the Qab, Cordoba, Shaps, Elduros, and Sverdlovsk systems.[3]


The system is likely named after the Sverdlovsk Oblast of Russia.

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