Sverdlovsk system

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Talitsa Gasgiant.png
Sverdlovsk, eclipsed by Vitalyevna, as viewed on Talitsa.
Societal overview



The Sverdlovsk system is a planetary system. A planet in orbit around Sverdlovsk is Vitalyevna, a ringed gas giant with twenty-seven natural satellites.[1] Sverdlovsk is an orangish-yellow star.[2]


Planetary system[edit]

Name Image Description Orbiting locations
Vitalyevna Vitalyevna.png Gas giant


Rise of humanity[edit]

Two colonies were settled around the same time in the Sverdlovsk system, both of which were moons of Vitalyevna. The first was Komoya, which was settled in 2458[3] and the other was Talitsa, which was settled in 2460.[4]


By 2557, the Via Casilina Trade Route had arisen between the Qab, Cordoba, Shaps, Elduros, and Sverdlovsk systems.[5][6]


The system is likely named after the Sverdlovsk Oblast of Russia.

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