Elduros system

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The Elduros system is a planetary system located among humanity's Outer Colonies centered around the unstable star Elduros.[1][2] The star is orbited by two planets,[1] the second of which is the human Outer Colony of Aleria.[2]

Shortly after Aleria was first colonized by the Unified Earth Government, Elduros ended a millennia-long period of low solar activity. The star's recommenced instability led to the rise of temperatures on Aleria,[2] eventually leading to a drought in 2453 that is still ongoing as of 2556.[3] The UEG has since abandoned the planet due to financial concerns, and Aleria is now under the control of various courier guilds.[2]

Following the Human-Covenant War, by 2557, the Via Casilina Trade Route had arisen between the Qab, Cordoba, Shaps, Elduros, and Sverdlovsk systems.[4]

By August 2558, it was predicted that Elduros' unstable phase would last another century, but that its subsequent stable phase would last three times that.[5]

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