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Deference for Darkness

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Not to be confused with Deference of Darkness.
Deference for Darkness


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Deference for Darkness is the fourth track (Disc 1 Track 4) in Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack, and plays in the Halo 3: ODST campaign level Mombasa Streets. It is composed of Rain (0:00-3:07), Trailhead (3:07-4:47), and Guiding Hand (4:47-6:35).



Rain (3:07) begins with four piano chords with high strings playing in the background. A tenor saxophone enters with a three note cue. The piano plays a slow melody while accompanied by high strings. The piano leads with variation of the melody, then strings take over. The low strings and piano play in the background while high strings play a flowing melody dramatically before slowing down. The tenor saxophone returns for another three note cue, following by low strings and piano playing the second theme of the piece: a somber flowing melody which slowly builds up to melancholic climax. The piano then returns to the first slow melody, but accompanied by the tenor saxophone. The pieces ends on the piano's reprise of the first chord in the opening piano solo. The piece plays in the campaign level during the cutscene following Tayari Plaza and continues into the gameplay sequence afterwards. A piano-only version plays in Another Rain (in the track The Light at the End). Elements of the piece, especially the saxophone's three-note cue and the flowing melody in the middle of the piece, would be later incorporated into Hell of a Night (in the later track Special Delivery), Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and Prepare to Drop (in the later track Finale).


Trailhead (1:40) features percussion and digital notes playing a crisp and fast melody. The melody repeats in variations before fading out. The piece plays randomly when roaming in Mombasa Streets. A percussion-only version plays in Clear the Air (from the later track The Office of Naval Intelligence).

Guiding Hand[edit]

Guiding Hand (1:48) contains eerie ambiance with synth notes and digital chimes. It repeats before fading out. The piece plays randomly when roaming in Mombasa Streets.

Production notes[edit]

  • The opening four chords of Rain were the first notes O'Donnell played when thinking about rain during production. The piece was titled "Rain 4" during its composition.[1]
  • The name Guiding Hand is a reference to the Superintendent, which guides the Rookie through Mombasa with signs and navigation points.
  • Before the release of the soundtrack, the first two minutes of Rain, along with three other pieces from the soundtrack, was made available for download on[2]
  • In the physical release of the soundtrack, it is mistakenly titled "Difference for Darkness"