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Basic information
Real name

Dan Picado


Somewhere in the Epsilon Eridani system


Miami, Florida


December 21st


Look below

  • Wikia Halopedia-same username
  • Wookieepedia
  • Youtube-username is TheSpartan0093
Places I've lived
  • Miami, Florida
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Franklin, Tennessee
  • Starkville, Mississippi

College Sophomore majoring in Aeronautical Engineering

About me

I am the oldest of brothers and a college sophomore who enjoys the Halo universe for it's story line, gameplay, and many mysteries. I was born in Miami, Florida and spent the first eight years of my life there until I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'm Hispanic, with a Nicaraguan father and a mother whose parents are Cuban and Salvadoran. I also am a big fan of Star Wars (have been since I was 7) and a developing fan of the Half-Life series and Portal. I enjoy history, science, math, reading, drawing Halo and Star Wars scenery and space battles, and making LEGO stop motion movies. I'm a rugby player, former football player, and a martial artist, so I'm extremely active year-round, plus I have to deal with school and homework (Who invented it?). Formerly a member of the Wikia Halopedia, but have now emmigrated here. Got any questions or comments for me, leave them on either my talk page or message board, I usually respond immediately.

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Personal information

The Star Wars movies (the original Trilogy is my favorite, but I still like the prequels), Saving Private Ryan, The Day After Tomorrow, The Thing, Tora!, Tora!, Tora!, Rudy, the first two Alien movies, The Aviator, Hot Rod, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments , Gladiator, Master and Commander of the World, Shawn of the Dead, and many more that will take me a while to list.


Most shows on the History Channel, How It's Made, Dirty Jobs, Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy (me and my little bros), Looney Tunes (the original cartoons), Tom & Jerry, Band of Brothers


The Halo soundtracks, AC/DC, Queen, The Doors, The Beatles, Bob Marely (Growing up in Miami, you here alot of it), Frank Sinatra, Big band and jazz music from the 1920's through the '50's, techno and dance mixes, classical, all kinds of music, basically, but my least favorite is rap.


Candide by Voltaire, Chuck Yeager's autobiography, Maus by Art Spiegleman, all of the Halo books, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (movies are completely different from the book)

Video games

All of the Halo games, the Rogue Squadron trilogy, the Half-Life series, the Destroy All Humans series, Star Wars Battlefront 1&2, Call of Duty: Finest Hour (the very first CoD game), Portal, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (was for the Nintendo 64), Gears of War


Popular Science, Astronomy, formerly a subscriber to Game Informer


Oranges, starfruit, pineapples, kiwis, bananas, Cuban Sandwiches, Media Noches (Midnights, Hispanic sandwiches that are late-night snacks), Pan Dulce (sweet bread), granola bars, Pan con bistec (Bread with steak, a popular Cuban sandwich), Pizza, Ravioli


Orange juice, pineapple juice, Jupina (Hispanic pineapple soda that's popular in Miami), cafe con leche (coffee with milk, again, Hispanic), Root beer, cream soda, lemonade, tea (sweet and hot), Iron Beer (A Cuban soda that's popular in Miami)

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

The whole series or when I beat the games I own on Legendary and getting Killionare on Firefight on Reach.

Worst Halo moment

Being killed by NOOBS and having to use the dreaded noob combo and when Johnson dies at the "eye" of 343 Guilty Spark.

Anything else

Big fan of the soundtracks, currently a Captain on Reach, and a fan of both ODSTs and Spartans.

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I guess its raining then, and here its gotten nicer but colder


at least your not about to get a blizzard


You are sssssssoooooooo nice and i'm serious!!!!!!!!!!


do you welcome all your friends with the thing you sent me


Hey mate. How's it going? School going Ok?

I'm Ok, busy looking for a job and stuff so normal stuff really. Sorry that's it been awhile since we last talked but you know that's just life. Anyway if you want to say hi or something give send me message. Hope thinks are Ok over their across the big old pond.

Hey Buddy, how are you doing? how's school? Do playing a game of Reach on Live some time? Just an offer and My gamer tag can be found on my profile just so you know.

So what have you been up to lately? Everything good? Hope things are cool.


ya school started for me too first year in college >_< I kinda would hav preferred halo anniversary to come out during summer cause with so much college work there will be limited game time :( but I guess they had to do the ten year thing xD ten years after halo 1