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April 9, 2011

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About me

I am obsessed with halo. I love everything to do with halo, the entire universe. I enjoy watching sci-fi movies and reading sci-fi books. My favourite sport is grifball although i also enjoy AFL (Australian Football League) and tennis. I enjoy watching documentaries and reading up on all things that have to do with the world around us.

Hobbies & interests

Sci-Fi Favorite director: James Cameron Sci-Fi, Good Drama, Comedy I love The Office, I do not believe in action TV shows. Most forms of music aside from pop and hip-hop which i loath. Sci-fi and fantasy, especially halo. Halo (my favourite is 2). Fable series, Assassins Creed series, Elder Scrolls. I really like fps and rts games although i haven't played many rts' lately.

White Dwarf Yummy Stuff. Lemonade.
Favorite Halo moment

Completing Halo:Reach on Legendary Solo.

Worst Halo moment

Playing Halo Reach campaign matchmaking when my ghost randomly shot 10 kilometres into the air and started shaking uncontrollably.

Anything else

Read every halo novel. Except for Cryptum. I have the same name as Dante from ghosts of onyx but he died. :(

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