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Manassas Spaceport on Reach.

A spaceport, also known as a starport,[1] is a location on a planet where spacecraft launch and land, by analogy with seaport for seaborne ships or airport for aircraft. Spaceports may serve as transport hubs for cargo or passengers, or both. A shuttle port is a type of spaceport presumably used primarily by shuttlecraft. There are at least 15 major shuttle ports on Earth.[2] Spaceports are often located in the vicinity of cities, connected to them by highways or MagLev trains.[3] Alternatively, commuters or goods may be shipped to orbital platforms connected to space elevators.

Due to their significance to interplanetary and interstellar transportation, spaceports are common targets for terrorists and Insurrectionists. During Operation: TREBUCHET, Tribute's numerous spaceports were under constant supervision by ARGUS drones to prevent bombings.[4]

Spaceports are also found on Sangheili worlds, such as the mining colony of Creck in the early days of the Covenant. Sangheili could land and temporarily store their personal starships in a spaceport while they visited a world. The spaceports were guarded by armed Sangheili and travelers were required to go through processing stations. To enter or leave a spaceport with a starship, Sangheili were required to gain proper clearance from a spaceport administrator.[5]

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