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Creck was a planet and Sangheili mining colony in the Baelion system. Creck was the seventy-sixth of designated worlds explored by Sangheili. The planet's colonists were often discontent with their lives due to Creck's hot conditions.[1]


Topography and ecology[edit]

The planet's atmosphere was mostly composed of methane, requiring Creck's colonists to live in translucent, meteorite-scarred colony domes.[1] The domes had a residential level with small buildings and spaceports. The streets were patrolled by guards.[2] Near by the domes, there was a mountain range. Beyond the mountains, there was a large, opaque, toxic sea of half-frozen hydrogen cyanide that was believed to contain simple lifeforms, such as worms, that occasionally surfaced. The mines of Creck delved deep into the planet's surface, trailing massive crystalline veins down, while other shafts used magma to provide the energy the colony needed to function.[1]


Post-Great Purification[edit]

The planet was named after 'Crecka, the Sangheili that was responsible for the planet's discovery. 'Crecka accidentally discovered the planet after he fled from Shield World 0673 in slipspace. Upon discovering the valuable minerals on the planet's surface, he reported the planet to Sangheili authorities, but not the shield world.[3]

Covenant era[edit]

During the Covenant's early years, it was used as a mining Sangheili colony that was operated, largely underground, by Sangheili. The Sangheili mined minerals on the planet to power their ships and metals to construct the hulls of those vessels. Following a failed rebellion mission, Ussa 'Xellus and his mate, Sooln, travelled to Creck on Clan's Blade to recruit new members into his insurgency. One of Creck's colonists, Muskem, served as Ussa's contact on the planet until he inexplicably fell into a throbbing pit of magma, where he was instantly incinerated. Ussa believed the "accident" had been arranged.[1] Before his death, Muskem had arranged for Ussa to meet with 'Crecka—under the name 'Quillick. 'Crecka wished to use the shield world as a refuge for the Sangheili that opposed the San'Shyuum and Covenant. After some discussion, 'Crecka, Ussa, and Sooln departed the planet for the shield world.[4]

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