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c. 850 BCE

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'Crecka, sometimes known by his nickname 'Quillick, was a Sangheili who lived in the early years of the Covenant. He served as a warrior for the Sangheili and fought in the Clan Battles of Sanghelios. He opposed the Sangheili's "surrender" to the San'Shyuum and would work with Ussa 'Xellus to rebel against the Covenant.[1]


Military career[edit]

'Crecka served as a warrior for the Sangheili. He fought in sixteen of the great Clan Battles of Sanghelios. He fought alongside the uncle of Ussa 'Xellus, where he lost one of his eyes in battle, and earned the nickname "'Quillick" for his skill as a scout. At some point, he lost his left hand.[1]

'Crecka served aboard a Sangheili vessel that was attacked by an unidentified species in the System of Miasmic Giants, before the outbreak of the Sangheili-San'Shyuum war. The attack left 'Crecka as the only survivor on the vessel. 'Crecka fled through slipspace to another system he chose at random and discovered a Forerunner shield world. Amazed at the sight, he landed on the world's metal exterior. He eventually activated a portal and gained access to the interior of the shield world. Inside, he was greeted by the world's monitor, Enduring Bias. Bias ordered 'Crecka to provide him with information about the Sangheili, and informed 'Crecka that he intended to use him for studying purposes. 'Crecka was able to escape the shield world, as many of the monitor's systems were beginning to fail. 'Crecka entered slipspace and discovered a planet with a methane atmosphere that held many valuable minerals. 'Crecka did not inform anyone else of the shield world, fearing that Enduring Bias would kill anyone that visited. However, he did report the planet abundant with minerals to authorities. The planet, now known as Creck, was named after himself. 'Crecka never told anyone about the shield world, believing he would be executed for entering it and speaking with Enduring Bias.[1]

Aiding Ussa 'Xellus[edit]

When the Sangheili joined the San'Shyuum to establish the Covenant, 'Crecka was outraged. In 851 BCE, he was conversing with his son—an engineer that worked in the mines of Creck—when he heard Ussa ‘Xellus rallying other Sangheili against the Covenant. Intrigued, after the speak, 'Crecka followed him as he returned to his ship at the spaceport. However, the old Sangheili was too slow and weary to keep up. Ussa's mate, Sooln, had noticed 'Crecka, but believed he was too feeble to be a Covenant spy. The next day, 'Crecka waited for Ussa at his ship, Clan’s Blade, while Ussa attempted to recruit more Sangheili. When Ussa and Sooln returned to their ship, Sooln told Ussa that 'Crecka was the only that had been following them the previous day, leading to Ussa drawing his weapon. However, 'Crecka showed that he was unarmed and convinced the two to allow him aboard their ship. Ussa reluctantly allowed 'Crecka aboard his ship to talk. 'Crecka wished to bring Ussa to the shield world so that they could use it as a refuge. Believing that he was dying, 'Crecka wanted to spend his last journey by returning to the shield world. Ussa agreed and the three departed Creck on Clan’s Blade for the shield world.[1]

When they arrived at the shield world, 'Crecka showed Ussa how to enter the interior. When they landed, the three Sangheili quickly made contact with Enduring Bias. The monitor allowed the Sangheili to stay on the shield world, but demanded to be informed of their intentions. Ussa later returned to the Nwari region on Sanghelios to bring the rest of his allies to the shield world.[1]


Shortly after the arrival of the Ussans, 'Crecka was walking in the natural garden of the shield world's eco level, where he laid down and passed away peacefully. Upon his death, a half metal dome inscribed with his name was meant to serve as the "Tomb of 'Crecka". Grateful for his role in moving the residents of Xellus keep to what was later called The Refuge, Ussa 'Xellus intended to one day enact a grander monument for 'Crecka.[2]

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