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Regarding your edits to the MJOLNIR [GEN3] page, I've undone them again as a result of a discussion had on the Halopedia Discord server.

We've not yet had any lore regarding the Mark V[B] suits in Halo Infinite yet, and thus we have no idea whether they're actually considered GEN3. Therefore, we've decided not to put them on the page - at least, not until they're referred to as GEN3 sets in canonical media. As for Yoroi, we don't yet even know whether it's a MJOLNIR suit at all - although that's not your fault, as that assumption was made by someone else on the Yoroi page, which I've now corrected.

Likewise, we've decided not to include references to the Halo Infinite armour core system, as so far it's not been referenced in canon, and so it may purely be a game-related thing (not representative of lore). For now, the place to discuss the armour core system would be the "Armor customisation (Halo Infinite)" article - though again, this could change if armour cores are written into lore.

Sorry, I know it sucks having your edits reverted, so I just wanted to explain why we did it properly - edit summaries aren't a great place to have a conversation. Feel free to get back to me if you disagree or have some insight or a new source to share, but please don't keep adding the removed stuff back to the page without discussing it with us first.

All the best,