New Alexandria Starport

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Five civilian transports on the tarmac at the New Alexandria Starport.

The New Alexandria Starport was a spaceport in New Alexandria on the planet Reach.[1]


During the Fall of Reach, the starport came under attack by Covenant forces. During the Siege of New Alexandria, an Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette took position over the starport and began to bombard nearby buildings, including the Traxus Tower. Later in the siege, Sergeant Major Duvall requested immediate airstrike on the corvette from UNSC Stalwart Dawn to allow multiple Egret Spaceliners to flee from the planet. Despite orders to not leave the starport, 6 Echo 2—one of the Egrets launching from the starport—took off but was destroyed by the corvette over the city. Thanks to the efforts of one SPARTAN-III commando, two M95 Lance missile batteries were activated to cripple the corvette, allowing the remaining three Egrets to successfully evacuate, ferrying thousands of survivors off of Reach.[1]


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