6 Echo 2

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6 Echo 2
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Production information


Egret Spaceliner




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August 23, 2552




"I've got six hundred souls on board, Sergeant Major! I can't wait any longer!"
— 6 Echo 2's pilot, shortly before taking off

6 Echo 2 was an Egret Spaceliner civilian transport craft. It, along with other transports, was used to evacuate both soldiers and civilians from New Alexandria during the Fall of Reach.[1]

During the evacuation, it was ordered not to take off due to heavy enemy fire. However, the pilot disregarded instructions and took off anyway, which resulted in the destruction of the ship and the death of everyone on board. UNSC Army personnel considered the deployment of search-and-rescue teams, but the situation was quickly written off as hopeless as the vessel sank into the bay.


  • 6 Echo 2 explodes two animation frames before it is struck by the plasma torpedo. The speakers in the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition commentary address this error; Lee Wilson jokes, "They should've locked their armor".[2]
  • 6 Echo 2's fate is similar to that of Cargo 3 from Halo Wars, as the pilots of both craft attempted to take off early despite nearby Covenant forces and were shot down shortly thereafter.


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