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Cargo 3
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Battle for Arcadia

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Battle for Arcadia


Human civilians


"Cargo 3 under fire! Screw the evac, proceeding with emergency launch."
— Pilot of Cargo 3 disobeying order, moments before the spacecraft's destruction.

Cargo 3 was a civilian transport on Arcadia.

During the Battle for Arcadia, Cargo 3, alongside Cargo 1 and Cargo 2, was used to transport civilians away from Arcadia. The male pilot requested help after being attacked by Covenant forces. After being attacked several times during the battle, the pilot went AWOL and disobeyed orders by trying to leave the planet without rescuing the incoming civilians. The transport was destroyed by Covenant Type-26 Banshees as it attempted to take off and all inside, as well as the civilians nearby, perished.[1]


Cargo 3's fate is similar to that of 6 Echo 2 from Halo: Reach, as the pilots of both craft attempted to take off early despite nearby Covenant forces and were shot down shortly thereafter.

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