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Banta-class colony ship
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Production information


Au-Anderson Shipyards[1]


Technical specifications


76.1 meters (249.6 ft)[1]


45 meters (148 ft)[1]


21.8 meters (71.6 ft) (landing gear up)[1]


502.7 tons (456 tonnes) [1]


400 passengers[1]



Chronological and affiliation


Human-Covenant war[2]



The Banta-class colony ship,[1] also referred to as a Banta-class transport,[2] is a type of human starship. At least one of these vessels was in the possession of the United Rebel Front in early 2526.[2]


Design details[edit]

The Banta-class transport is a fairly sizable craft with an enclosed flight deck separated from the main cabin and troop bay by various internal hatches, and they require only a small crew to operate. From the flight deck, the crew can depressurize compartments individually. Its troop bay alone is large enough to hold at least 300 human passengers, and it can be accessed externally via loading ramp. Banta-class transports feature at least one airlock to allow other ships to dock and exchange passengers or cargo. Its various interior compartments are connected by passageways and junctions that wind through the ship. Toward the front of the craft is a forward briefing compartment.[3] The Banta-class also features multiple emergency escape pods.[2] Ships of this class are propelled by four engine exhausts that allow it to fly in space, as well as in a planet's atmosphere.[4][5]

Operational history[edit]

Origins and UNSC service[edit]

Banta-class ships are loosely based on military cargo transports of the 24th century. They traditionally served as ferries capable of carrying up to 400 passengers, or use their extensive cargo holds to move smaller vessels.[1] The ships were in service with the UNSC by 2517. One such ship, the UNSC Dartmouth was attacked and destroyed by Eridanus rebels in the Eridanus system that year.[6]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the Battle of Seoba on March 18, 2526, a United Rebel Front-owned Banta-class transport called the Emmeline was seized by the UNSC's Task Force Yama. The day after the battle, roughly three hundred insurrectionist prisoners—including General Harper Garvin—were loaded on to the captured vessel to be taken to Biko for prosecution.[2] However, the flight crew installed by the UNSC were actually insurrectionist agents recruited by the turncoat Hector Nyeto. After a Covenant flotilla arrived at Seoba, the Emmeline caught up with the Sacred Whisper, an intrusion corvette and First Blade Tel 'Szatulai's flagship. As the Covenant had come to Seoba to meet with the insurgents, General Garvin intended to organize a deal with 'Szatulai aboard the Emmeline. After the Silent Shadow Sangheili dealt with one jumpy insurgent who armed a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon in an attempt to get 'Szatulai to recall the Covenant fleet that was attacking Biko, they did make a deal, though Tel 'Szatulai did not intend to honor his half of it. When he left the Emmeline, he took an insurrectionist with him in order to better communicate with Garvin in the future.[3]

As the Human-Covenant War, these ships were used in a similar capacity to Egret Spaceliners - used to evacuate civilian populations from besieged cities.[1] During the Battle for Arcadia in 2531, three of these ships were requisitioned as evacuation transports by the Arcadian Patrol, used to airlift the inhabitants of Pirth City to safety during the battle. Cargo 3 was destroyed by enemy fire, but at least one of the other two ships, aided by Spartan Red Team and forces from the UNSC Spirit of Fire, managed to take off and escape, saving hundreds from slaughter by the Covenant.[4]

These ships were also used to evacuate civilians from Algolis during the Battle of Algolis. One of them was shot down by the Covenant, but the other, as well as a Pelican, escaped to a frigate in orbit, which was to rendezvous with the UNSC The Heart of Midlothian near the edge of the system.[5]

Post-war usage[edit]

In the post-war era, Banta transports remain ubiquitous in the Outer Colonies.[1]

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