Brahman light hauler

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A Brahman light hauler on Meridian

The Brahman light hauler, sometimes referred to as a mule, is a human utility vehicle commonly found on most human colonies, designed and manufactured by Oros Trading Company. These light haulers serve an important role as a key component to planetside transport of supplies and materials. The hardy yet nimble design of the Brahman offers expedient transportation of cargo on colonial worlds, particularly those with treacherous and inhospitable environments. As such, these haulers are common on the glassed surface of the Outer Colony of Meridian, undergoing reterraformation by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation.[1]

After Meridian was attacked by Promethean forces under the control of the Warden Eternal and a Guardian was activating near the world's settlements, Meridian's citizens evacuated the moon in Brahman light haulers.[2]


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