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Meridian Station (location)

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This article is about the settlement. For the campaign level, see Meridian Station (level).
Meridian Station (location)
Halo Waypoint - Meridian 5-Alpha 2.jpgMeridian 5-Alpha parked over Meridian Station.




Meridian Station was the primary settlement on the human Outer Colony world of Meridian following Liang-Dortmund Corporation's recolonization of the moon. The settlement was governed by smart AI Sloan,[1] who had twice been democratically elected governor of Meridian Station by the settlement's residents.[2]




Known residents[edit]



When Liang Dortmund took over Meridian, they moved a Star Charter-class colony support ship known as Meridian 5-Alpha to help with their work.[3] At some point a town was constructed underneath it. This became Meridian Station.

The main street in Meridian Station

Created conflict[edit]

Main article: Battle of Meridian (2558)

In 2558, Prometheans awoke on the planet, attacking multiple settlements on the planet including Meridian Station. Fireteam Osiris managed to clear out the Prometheans, securing the town.[4] Osiris entered the town looking for clues on where Blue Team went. Once they found the information they were looking for, they left the town via D79H-TC Pelican to Apogee Station.[1]

Following the activation of the Meridian Guardian Custode, Meridian Station was devastated.[5]


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