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Liang-Dortmund Corporation emblem.

The Liang-Dortmund Corporation, simply referred to as Liang-Dortmund or LDC, is a private human mining corporation. Liang-Dortmund contractors work to "deglass" and mine the surfaces of Alluvion, Meridian, and Ruthersburg, Outer Colonies glassed by the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. To assist in the evacuation process, Liang-Dortmund established several settlements to operate out of, including Meridian Station.[1] The company also operates Apogee, Darkstar and Jorta stations on the planet alongside the Pinnacle Station space tether and the Alluvion Research Center.

Security force[edit]

The corporation employs an embedded security force, which is authorized to purchase weapons and vehicles from the United Nations Space Command suppliers, with special modifications according to the corporation's operational needs.

Other equipment[edit]

A truck sporting the Liang-Dortmund logo.

Aside from its security force, Liang-Dortmund also employs a vast fleet of non-combat vehicles for mining and transportation purposes.


The corporation also produces construction materials for human settlements on Kamchatka[3] and Alluvion.[4] Other specific items include the Liang-Dortmund red emergency flare.


  • The name 'Liang-Dortmund' probably originates from the city Dortmund located in the west of Germany, which is known for its former steel industry and its disused coal pits. The association with the city Dortmund is additionally indicated by the paintings of Liang-Dortmund's vehicles. Yellow and black are the colors of Dortmund's local soccer club, Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund. "Liang" itself is a relatively common Chinese surname. It could also be a reference to Liang Wengen, founder of Sany Heavy Industry, a Chinese company which is the sixth largest heavy machinery company in the world, specialising in excavator, crane and coal mining machineries amongst other construction machineries.


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