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This article is about the type of structure. For the command center of a starship, see Bridge, and for the Halo Online multiplayer map named "Bridge", see Narrows.
A human-made suspension bridge connecting two sections of the Uplift Nature Reserve.

A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. More advanced version of a bridge include the energy bridge and the gravity bridge.



There are multiple bridges that span across canyons on the Halo installations. There are different forms of bridges depending on the location and functionality. The Forerunners built various types of bridges to span large canyons. Many such bridges designed to span large canyons are supported by energy cables, similar to the supports of a truss arch bridge, attached to structures on each canyon's hedges.[1][2]

Forerunner bridges appear in a diversity of designs. Different bridges have been observed as having one, two or three levels. On Installation 04, many bridges featured two levels, with glass floors on both levels. The glass floors on the top level were breakable, allowing one to drop down to the bottom level of the causeway. The bottom levels glass floors featured impenetrable glass. There were also many structures on both levels of the bridge, which could serve as cover during combat.[1]

Causeways on Forerunner installations also act as a type of bridge.[3][4]


Bridges constructed by humans most often superficially similar to ones built using conventional engineering methods, although some are rather impressive in scale; an example of this is New Mombasa 105 East's enormous suspension bridge connecting Old Mombasa to New Mombasa.[11] The UNSC military also uses deployable bridges to make terrain traversable in combat zones and temporary military bases.[12]


The Covenant employ various forms of bridges, ranging from physical structures to more exotic walkways and platforms based on energy fields. These include gravity bridges which use an anti-gravity field to carry individuals to the other side.[13]


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