Terminal Moraine

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Terminal Moraine
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Map overview


Halo Wars

Gameplay overview


  • Ice/snow
  • Forerunner
  • Mountainous

Recommended number of players:

2v2 (4 players)

Sections of the map are only accessible by timed light bridges. Watch for the birdges to start blinking - any units on the bridges when the bridges turn off are doomed.

Terminal Moraine is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.[1]

Terminal Moraine is a snow-covered 2v2 map, with the two teamed players starting right next to each other. There are rebel bases situated to the right and the left of the starting bases, and the most notable feature of this map are the alcoves. The middle left and right sections are cut off from the rest of the map by Forerunner hard light bridges. Inside each alcove, there is a building site (defended by rebels), a Forerunner secondary reactor and two building sites. The light bridges switch between off and on automatically about every 60 seconds, and units caught on the bridge when it deactivates will fall to their deaths.


  • It is recommended that the player take at least one of these side bases, fortify the area, and use one of the building sites to create a UNSC Airpad or Summit to build aircraft. Aircraft do not have to wait for the light bridge, so they can come and go freely. A good tactic is to pin down enemies on the bridge by placing infantry in the sniper towers on either side to either defend the base or trap the enemy's ground units. Don't expect to retreat once the unitscross the bridge. For the UNSC, it is useful to have at least one unit in the sniper towers on the outside (not the ones in the alcoves), as then the player's units can be airlifted via Pelican onto the other side without waiting or the risk of the bridge deactivating. Alternatively, the player can also wait for the opponent to come to the bridge, then quickly airlift units (preferably Scorpion tanks or other heavy vehicles) to the mainland, and engage the opponent until the bridge deactivates.
  • Buildings can be constructed at one of the individual building sites even if the base is still controlled by the rebels. Therefore, it is possible to train units directly at the pads to destroy the base. Though, in general, whatever forces the player brought to the rebel base in the first place should be adequate.
  • A tactic that is useful for defending the alcoves as the UNSC is to make around seven to eight SP42 Cobras. Have four in a square formation on the base side of the light bridge and have the other four planted on the edge of the cliff that the side base resides on. Next make four Hellbringers units. Have two of them garrison the sniper towers on the base side of the bridge and have the other two on the sides of the light bridge. Next, construct M9 Wolverines to fill the rest of the population, and have them residing on sides of the cliff alongside the other Cobras. Finally upgrade the bases' forward turrets to rail guns and have the rear turrets missile launchers. The Cobras at the mouth of the bridge provide anti-vehicle fire, but also serve as blockades that prevent ground units from getting through. This makes any units trying to destroy the Cobras easy prey for the side Cobras and the bridge when it deactivates. The four Hellbringers provide anti-infantry cover for the Cobras, while the Wolverines take care of any aircraft that go around the Cobras. Keeping Cobras cued at the base's UNSC Vehicle Depot to readily replace any destroyed Cobras.
  • Another useful tactic as leader John Forge is to take one of the alcoves, then force the opponent's attention elsewhere with a token attack on one of their bases (preferably one far away from the alcove). During the attack, upgrade the alcove base all the way to a fortress and use the extra slots (the ones on either side of the platform) for heavy supply pads. On the side base it is a good idea (unless the opponent is playing as Ellen Anders) to build three airpads, a barracks, and a field armory. Make sure to construct two reactors so that tech level reaches four. Construct and upgrade the base turrets. Anti-air is one of the best for this situation. From the airpad the player should fully upgrade and purchase three Vultures. Next, train the maximum number of Spartans, placing two of them in the sniper towers on either side of the platform, and the last one in the Forerunner reactor next to the base. Next, construct M9 Wolverines to fill the rest of the population and buy all of their upgrades. From here, remove all buildings from any other bases, and replace them with heavy supply pads. While these will inevitably be destroyed, they will work to give even more supplies to work with. From here simply wait out the opponent, they will only be able to attack the player from one direction or with air units, which the player would be prepared for. During the attack focus on keeping all friendly units near the base, so that the player utilise Heal and Repair ability for both units and base. When the opponent attacks via the lightbridge, use Carpet bomb to deal extra damage, and launch a disruption bomb if Covenant leaders attempt to use their leader powers.


The term "Terminal Moraine" is used in glaciology for a deposit of rocks, soil, and debris at the farthest extent of the glacier.