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Relic Interior
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Halo Wars


James Cutter


February 4, 2531


Inside Forerunner Relic, Harvest, Epsilon Indi system


  • Fight your way to Forge and Anders' location.
  • Escape the Chamber with Forge and Anders.
  • Move Anders to the other Bridge's control panel.
  • Cover Anders as she hacks the Bridge Controls.
  • Get Forge and Anders to the Landing Zone.



Halopedia has a walkthrough guide for this level; see Relic Interior/Walkthrough.

Forge and Anders are trapped in the relic. They must be rescued.

Relic Interior is the third level in Halo Wars. UNSC forces on Harvest have entered the Forerunner Relic. Sergeant John Forge, Professor Anders, and their accompanying Marines are pinned down by Covenant forces deep inside the Relic. Two Grizzlies are sent down into the Relic to rescue the trapped forces.


In the Relic, now under UNSC control, Professor Ellen Anders examines the central console against the protests of Sergeant John Forge. To their surprise, the console reacts to her touch and activates, revealing a star map. Before they can examine the star map too closely, cloaked Covenant forces attack, determined to remove the humans from the holy relic. Pinned down, Forge calls for assistance from the UNSC Spirit of Fire.

With Alpha Base under heavy Covenant attack again, it is unable to send backup. Instead, Captain James Cutter sends down two Grizzly tanks from the Spirit of Fire itself to help out. The tanks fight through heavy Covenant forces inside of the Relic and rescue Anders, Forge and their trapped Marines. Anders is able to repair the damage to the tanks which help cover the retreat back outside to an LZ. The retreat is hampered by Unggoy destroying the controls to the bridge back across a chasm, but Anders manages to activate the other bridge while the tanks and Marines cover her.

Finally, the retreating UNSC forces reach the exit, but come under heavy attack from Covenant Hunters. While the rest of the UNSC force plus other Marines who were already fighting outside remain behind to cover their retreat, Anders and Forge escape outside the structure where they are extracted by Pelican to the Spirit of Fire.


{Safe as Houses}

Fades in to the aftermath of the last battle, with a Marine pulling a dead Sangheili onto the platform. Anders, Forge and a group of Marines make their way towards the Relic's center.

  • Professor Ellen Anders: "Sergeant, is this what the aliens were after?"
  • Sergeant John Forge: "Seems so, ma'am. They sure paid a price trying to defend it, all quiet now."

Forge signals his men to hold up, but Anders approaches the Relic and moves to activate it, Forge stops her.

  • Forge: "Hey! What are you doing?"
  • Anders: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Forge lets go, Anders activates the Relic, and a star map shows up.

  • Anders: "Now that's...not what I expected!"

The humans are amazed and stunned by the unfamiliar technology. Behind the Marines, several Stealth Sangheili with Needlers disengage their Active Camouflage.

  • Sangheili: "Heresy! Remove this filth!"

The Sangheili forces fire upon the Marines and kill one. The others scramble for cover; the Relic deactivates.

  • Marine #1: "Take cover! Move!"
Forge and Marines firing their weapons.

Forge takes cover with Anders and another Marine. Another Marine tosses Forge his Shotgun.

  • Forge: "These guys just don't know when to quit!"

Marines return fire on Elites, killing a few, but taking casualties of their own. Forge takes cover and Anders tends one of the Marines. The Sangheili continue to fire at the Marines.

  • Forge: "Uh, Spirit? Forge. We're going to need a little backup."

Fades out.

{In-Game Cutscene}

Scene fades in to a rapid overhead pan-out, the camera sweeping over the Relic to show the UNSC forces under attack from Covenant troops. The scene zooms out to the Relic's entrance, showing the number of Covenant forces inside the Relic as well as the Relic's interior layout; two light bridges over a deep chasm connect the Relic's center and the entrance. Marine squads are near the entrance, encountering heavy resistance.

  • Forge (COM): "This is Forge, we've been ambushed at the relic site! I'm pinned down with Anders, we're taking heavy losses, we need reinforcements now!"
  • Captain James Gregory Cutter: "Sergeant, Alpha Base won't be able to respond in time, we've got Grizzlies inbound from Spirit of Fire, hold on down there."

Two Grizzlies are deployed from two Pelicans outside the Relic's entrance.


The two Grizzlies move into the Relic, eliminating any Covenant forces.

  • Serina: "Ah, Grizzly tanks. Forge's pet project."
  • Forge (COM): "This is Forge; we're under heavy fire!"

The Grizzlies venture deeper into the Relic.

  • Forge (COM): "I've got men down, where are those reinforcements?"

The Grizzlies finally reach Forge, Anders and the Marines. They regroup at the Grizzlies.

  • Forge (COM): "About time, I was down to my last clip."
  • Anders (COM): "Grizzlies. Well, at least I know how to repair them."

Anders proceed to repair one of the Grizzlies.

  • Forge (COM): "I made a few improvements, my own special upgrades."

The UNSC forces head for the Relic's entrance.

  • Forge (COM): "Cover me, I'm pulling back with Anders."

They reach one of the light bridge.

{In-Game Cutscene}

  • Forge (COM): "Those Grunts are carrying explosives, look out!"

Two Unggoy plant explosives at the bridge controls and detonate them. The explosions killed one of them.

  • Forge (COM): "They've blown the controls. We're cut off!"


  • Anders (COM): "Get me to the east bridge's control panel, I think I can get it activated."

They move away from the disabled light bridge to the other one.

  • Forge (COM): "Once that's fixed, we're moving out!"

Anders approaches the bridge control console.

  • Anders (COM): "Give me a minute, and I'll get this bridge operational."
  • Forge (COM): "You heard the lady, let's give her some privacy."

Timer appears: 1:00.

  • Forge (COM): "Watch those doors, looks like company's coming."

Sizable doors near the bridge explode, and Covenant forces pour out of them. The UNSC forces defend the position until the timer reaches zero.

  • Anders (COM): "Got it! The bridge is operational!"

As they near the entrance, multiple pairs of Mgalekgolo run out of the side doors.

  • Forge (COM): "Hunters! There's too many! We need to make a run for the exit!"

Marines from outside begin to fire on the Hunters.

  • Marine #2 (COM): "Sergeant Forge, we got your back. Get Anders out of here."
  • Forge (COM): "Get to the LZ!"

Forge and Anders successfully reach the landing zone.

  • Forge (COM): "Forge here. We made it, ready for extraction."

{In-game Cutscene}

A Pelican dropship lands and extracts Anders and Forge.

  • Cutter: "Good work. Professor, I want to be briefed on your findings as soon as you're onboard."

The dropship flies away from the Relic as Covenant forces continue to fight Marines at the entrance.

Level ends.


Easter eggs[edit]

  • The Cowbell skull is accessible after killing 45 Mgalekgolo, and can be found in front of the relic console, where Anders and Forge were pinned down.
  • The Black Box in this level is located outside the Relic, at the end of a pathway in the northwest, beside a crash Pelican.


  • If the player lose all of their units and Forge and Anders are downed, they will not fail the mission, but will be unable to finish the mission.
  • Until rescued, the Marine squads by Forge and Anders will be able to take a lot of damage, allowing them to kill a lot of enemies, causing them to gain veterancy points, which in turn allow them to take even more damage and live even longer.


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