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This is a word-by-word replication of the original pages (accessible here, here, here and here) at Halowars.com. As such, any errors or irregularities are simply carried over from the original page.


World Concepts

Cinematic Screenshots


The images shown on this page are actual in-game screenshots and are not pre-rendered. Please click on any of the images below to view it at a larger size.

Featured Screenshot

A pre-release screenshot of a battle on the level Relic Interior.

XBOX Live Screenshots

Leipzig 2008 Screenshots

E3 2008 Screenshots


Older Screenshots

E3 2007 Screenshots

Concept Art

Before any game goes into full production on the art front, artists have to flesh out the look of the environments, people, and vehicles. These pieces of art can be of great inspiration when creating a game, allowing artists to easily try out ideas for great big environments or intricate units quickly and easily, without the restrictions of a game engine. Here is a collection of some of the early concepts that our teams has been working on for Halo Wars, we hope you enjoy them.

Please note that because concepting happens early in the development cycle, they often depict ideas, scenes, or units that may not appear in the game.

Environment Concepts

Unit Concepts

Forerunner Structures

Ambient Life Concepts


As we develop the game we hope to share a number of renders here on our website. The latest images to be added for from the Five Long Years cinematic that we released at E3 2008. We have also added a render of the UNSC Spirit of Fire model that will be used in various cinematics for the game. The Spirit of Fire and her crew are featured prominently in the campaign for Halo Wars.

If you'd like to set one of the images below as your desktop wallpaper, simply click on the image that you'd like to use below and then right-click on it and select "Set as Background".

Cinematic Screenshots