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Map overview


Halo Wars


Presumably Etran Harborage surface


  • Flood-infested
  • Ruins
Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:

2v2 (4 players)

Bases in this region must be heavily guarded at night, when Flood Swarms emerge from their hiding places.

Crevice is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.[1]

Set on the Flood-infested surface of Etran Harborage, the map is dominated by various Flood biomass accretions in Coordinated Stage. There are several crashed Forerunner ships on its surface, most of which are similar in appearance to the Sojourner-class dreadnought stored within Etran Harborage but much smaller and varied slightly in shape. On the west side of the map, there is a crashed DSC-class support ship.

The map is composed of multi-levelled crevices surrounding a circular Forerunner platform, which features two of the six Forerunner secondary reactors on this map. Resembling a disabled Sentinel shop, the central platform is controlled by a groups of Flood swarms, which, when killed, rewards the players with a large cache of supply crates. The map features a day-night cycle.