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Arcadia Outskirts
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Halo Wars


James Cutter


February 9, 2531


Outskirts of Arcadia City, Arcadia, Procyon System


  • Retreat to the Southern Crater.
  • Secure the Area by killing all the Covenant in the area.
  • Defend the Crater until Omega Team arrives.
  • Destroy the Covenant Base and its Guards.


  • Construct a Second Base.
  • Destroy 5 Wraiths

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The civilian evacuation is complete. UNSC forces must safely withdraw from the city.

Arcadia Outskirts is the fifth campaign level of Halo Wars.


After evacuating numerous civilians inside Arcadia City, Sergeant John Forge, his Marines, a Scorpion tank and Red Team retreat to a nearby impact crater, the closest defensible position. However, along the way they encounter large numbers of Covenant near their route and pursuing them. The UNSC forces manage to reach the crater and clear it of Covenant forces.

The UNSC forces construct a Firebase in the crater and begin building up their forces as they defend the crater, joined by more retreating forces brought in by Pelican dropship. The UNSC forces are forced to hold for around twenty minutes against massive waves of Covenant troops and vehicles, with the Covenant eventually constructing a Emp'seam-pattern Antlion nearby. Finally, Forge and his forces manage to hold out long enough for SPARTAN Team Omega to arrive to reinforce them.

With the help of Team Omega, the UNSC forces launch an attack on a nearby Covenant citadel, the main Covenant base in the area. After the base is destroyed, Team Omega departs the area and Forge is recalled to the UNSC Spirit of Fire because they've got a new problem.


{In-game Cutscene}

Forge and his troops are evacuating from the city, under Covenant pursuit.

  • Forge: "The Covenant are right on our ass, keep moving!"
  • Captain Cutter: "We can not lose our foothold on Arcadia, gentlemen. Secure a defensible position, and hold it until we can reinforce you!"


  • Serina: "I've scanned the area. The best defensible position is an impact crater a few clicks south along the highway."
  • Forge: "Get to that crater! Do not engage the enemy behind us! Keep moving!"

UNSC forces reach the crater only to find Covenant forces occupying it.

  • Forge: "Clear the enemy out of this crater!"

UNSC forces clear out the crater.

  • Forge: "We only have a little time to prep the base for the Covenant attacks, let's get to it."

A D20 Heron deploys a Firebase in the crater.

  • Serina: "We're dropping a Command Center in that crater for you, preparing Omega Team now."
  • Captain Cutter: "Other UNSC units have been notified, and are retreating to your position."

For the rest of the level, Pelicans fly from the north side of the map to the crater and deploys reinforcements.

  • Evac Pelican Pilot: "Evac Pelican inbound with UNSC survivors, cover us!"
  • Evac Pelican Pilot: "Thanks for the cover, we're ready to help."


  • Bravo 29 Pilot: "Pelican Bravo 29, got a few stragglers for ya. Requesting cover."
  • Bravo 29 Pilot: "Thanks for the cover, we're ready to help."


  • Angel: "Angel here, got some evac Marines here wanting to help, cover my landing."
  • Angel: "Thanks for the cover, we're ready to help."


  • Forge: "The Covenant are building structures to the north of our base."


  • Serina: "Scans indicate that Covenant are building a large plasma weapon."

If the Antlion is destroyed

  • Forge: "The Antlion is down, good work."

If a second base has been established:

  • Captain Cutter: "Excellent work!"

At the 20 minute mark of the level:

  • Serina: "Help is coming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed."
  • Serina: "Spartan Team Omega is prepped and ready, Pelican is en route."

{In-game Cutscene}

  • Spartan Team Omega: "Spartan Team Omega, inbound."

Two Pelicans arrive at the crater and drop off six Spartans.


  • Forge: "More Spartans! Serina, you never disappoint."
  • Spartan Team Omega: "We'll clean up this mess."
  • Forge: "Let's see what these Spartans can do, push the Covenant back!"

The UNSC forces launch an attack on the Covenant base north of the map.

  • Spartan Team Omega: "This is too easy."

The Covenant base is destroyed.

  • Spartan Team Omega: "This is Omega Team, this sector is clear, we're gone."
  • Captain Cutter: "Sergeant Forge, report to the bridge ASAP. We've got a new problem."

Level ends


  • In the crater at the beginning of the level, the player will encounter multiple Covenant Grunt lances, but there is a lone Brute leading a Grunt squad into battle.
  • It is impossible to beat the level before the 20 minute mark when Serina announces the arrival of Team Omega. Even if the player destroys the Covenant base, enemy reinforcements will continue to be sent through the highway tunnel until the Spartans arrive. Destroying the base before then may cause the level's closing dialogue to play out of order.[1]



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