Fort Deen

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This article is about the Halo Wars multiplayer mapthe location. For Fort Deen (location), see [[:{{{3}}}]].
Fort Deen
This is an overhead view of Fort Deen from the Halo Wars community site.
Map overview


Halo Wars

Lore information


Fort Deen, presumably on Arcadia

Gameplay overview


  • Urban
  • Polluted
  • Foggy

Recommended number of players:

3v3 (6 players)

Named for a famous UNSC colonel who broke a Covenant siege, this divided map features highly defendable lanes, but strategically-placed teleports offer clever attackers alternatives.

Fort Deen is a multiplayer map for Halo Wars.[1]


Fort Deen is a symmetrical map. It has three starting bases for the player and his/her allies on either side of the map. It also has four additional bases, each in proximity to the starting bases, which are initially occupied by rebel bases and defended by rebels. In the middle of the map, there are two energy walls, which, when garrisoned by infantry, activate impassable energy barriers, blocking any direct access to the other side of the map. There are, however, side-paths on each side of the map that can be used as a secondary route, but they also have garrisonable energy walls. If all routes to the other side of the map are blocked by energy barriers, there are a teleporters on each side that can transport the units to the other side of the map, beyond the energy walls, allowing quick access to the enemy's side of the map. Both teleporters have Covenant watchtowers stationed next to them.


  • Fully upgraded Marines or ODSTs can hold out for a long time in the energy wall. Hornets can complement the Marines, hitting the enemy but staying safe behind the barrier.
  • Send forces to eliminate a side energy wall that enemies have occupied. Have building killers go in a separate direction.
  • Stationing some units behind the teleporter near the player's base can help flank attackers.
  • Air units can pass over energy barriers without any problems. A "rush" with Sparrowhawks may surprise the opponents, and Pelicans can transport force over the barrier.