Fort Deen (location)

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This article is about the base. For the Halo Wars multiplayer map, see Fort Deen
Fort Deen
Fort Deen on the colony world of Arcadia
Facility information



Historical information

Controlled by:

United Nations Space Command[1]

Notable info:

Named after the war hero Colonel Deen.[1]


Fort Deen is a United Nations Space Command military base located on Arcadia. It is named after a famous war hero, Colonel Deen.[1]


The base was named after Colonel Deen due to his actions in breaking a Covenant siege during the Human-Covenant War.[1] By 2560, Adam Andrews had been involved in sending scout teams to Fort Deen in order to recover information on UNSC Spirit of Fire and its deployment on Arcadia in 2531. The information gleaned from the base led Andrews to the site of a R'awuw-pattern Scarab, initially felled by Spirit of Fire forces in the ruins complex in the jungle. This find allowed Andrews to trade the Scarab's focus cannon for rumbledrugs.[2]



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