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Map overview


Halo Wars


Presumably within Etran Harborage


  • Alpine forest
  • Forerunner
Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:

2v2 (4 players)

With many supplies up for grabs in the middle and dangerous enemies lurking everywhere, the fight for contrl of this region will be nasty, brutal, and short.

Repository is a multiplayer map in Halo Wars.[1]

Set in an alpine forest region surrounding a Sentinel manufacturing facility, the four possible base locations are held by Forerunner forts, which are protected by Sentinels and beam turrets. The Sentinel Shop is a major feature on this map, located directly in the center, on top of a large circular Forerunner platform linked to the surrounding land by four bridges. There are also Sentinels randomly placed around the map, not defending any particular structure, that will ambush any player's units, which may slightly hamper offensive operations.



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