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Not to be confused with Released.
Map overview


Halo Wars

Lore information


Presumably Trove surface

Gameplay overview


  • Flood Biomass
  • Wreckage

Recommended number of players:

1v1 (2 players)

The Flood threatens to overrun this dangerous but crucially important region. Send units to activate the console near enemy's base to unleash a nasty surprise.

Release is a multiplayer map for Halo Wars.[1]

Release takes place in a Flood-dominated environment, featuring wreckage and numerous Food structures. Notably, there is a crashed Mjern-pattern agricultural support ship in the southwest corner of the map. The map has two control panels that players can garrison infantry units in and activated to unleash Flood units on the enemy for 600 resources. Both Flood spawn points are located near the starting base locations, but the released Flood units could attack both players.


  • The control panel to release the Flood is on the same side as the doorway they will exit from. If the player want to maximise the chances that the Flood will attack the enemy, activate the control panel closest to the opponent's base.
  • The base location at the center of the map is defended by a Flood launcher, which launches a green cloud that quickly infects most infantry.
  • Activating the controls takes increasing amounts of resources and can be used as many times as desired but with a short wait time of two minutes between each wave.
  • The first three times the control panel is activated, the swarm has more forms and the preexisting forms in greater numbers. The first swarm has infected marines and carrier forms, the second has the same along with thrasher forms, and the third has the same along with many flood swarm forms. Continued releases result in a repeat of the third wave.
  • The most opportune time to use them is early in a battle as infantry are easily infected, but late-game vehicles easily combat most Flood forms.
  • With leaders Arbiter or the Prophet of Regret, using the Ghastly Vision upgrade for the Arbiter or the Cloak upgrade for the Elite Honor Guard allows the player to sneak past the Flood Colonies to the other containment panel for quick occupation of the unit.


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