Glacial Ravine

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Glacial Ravine
Glacial Valley.jpg
Map overview


Halo Wars


Presumably Harvest


  • Snow
  • Mountains
Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:

3v3 (6 players)

A snow-topped mountain range forms a natural barrier that cuts this region in half. Control of the two energy walls at the narrow central pass often determines the outcome of the battle, though clever use of the Sentinel Factories may play a role as well.

Glacial Ravine is a multiplayer map for Halo Wars, added by the Historic Battle map pack.[1][2]

The map has two large sections of the map separated by a small mountain range. The only way for ground troops to get to the enemies' side of the map is by passing a small opening in the middle of the mountain range which is fortified by Energy Walls in which troops can be garrisoned.

Each side of the map has three starting bases, and four base build sites initially occupied by Rebel Bases, which are defended by rebels. There is a Sentinel Shop on each side of the map, undefended and allowing players to purchase Aggressor Sentinels or Super Sentinels. Air units are very useful on this map, as they can simply fly over the mountain range, bypassing the central choke point completely.


  • This map and Repository are the only maps to feature Sentinel Shops.
  • Originally, there wasn't going to be a second 3v3 map in the Historic Battle map pack. However, due to the complaint for the lack of 3v3 maps, Robot Entertainment decided to release another 3v3 map, modifying Frozen Valley to shorten development time so this map could be released in time with the other Historic Battle maps.[3]