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A Rebel Base on Harvest (top) and Arcadia (bottom).

Rebel bases are base structures that served as bases of operation for a group of insurrectionists that operated on Harvest and Arcadia.[1]

On both Harvest and Arcadia, the bases are characterised by a flag flying the insurrectionists' emblem and a fenced perimeter, with barrels or crates dotted around the buildings. The bases on Harvest are composed of a singular roofed metal building while the bases in Arcadia are made up of three interconnected concrete buildings.[1]

Groups of insurrectionists are known to patrol around the outpost, which is further supported by base turrets and watch towers.[1]


In Halo Wars, Rebel Bases occupy base build sites on Skirmish maps that take place on Harvest or Arcadia. The only two exceptions are Blood Gulch, which features insurrectionists within Etran Harborage, and Memorial Basin, which contains empty base build sites on Harvest.

Rebel Bases are typically protected by two or three groups of Rebel Infantry or Sniper as well as base turrets. The base itself is considerably weaker than its UNSC or Covenant counterparts, and, when destroyed, cannot be rebuild. Destroying the base rewards the player with supply crates and an empty base socket.


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