Rebel Infantry

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Rebel Infantry
Unnamed Harvest Rebels

Operational authority:

Harvest and Arcadian insurrectionist group

Other role(s):



Four riflemen


Rebel Infantry are standard infantry employed by the insurrectionist group operating on Harvest and Arcadia.[1]


Rebel infantry are basic human insurrectionists armed with simple equipment. By 2531, they operated on Harvest and Arcadia out of bases. They wear rag-tag clothing and equipment, including pieces of scavenged Marine BDUs, grey hoods and other various pieces of equipment. Rebel infantry typically wear a shoulder pad on their right arm with the organisation's insignia of a white fist on a red circle. Rebel infantry are usually seen wielding MA5B assault rifles and M41 SPNKR rocket launchers.[1]


Rebel Infantry appear in the multiplayer mode of Halo Wars as standard infantry employed by the neutral Insurrectionist faction. Like other insurrectionists, the Flood and the Sentinels, they are hostile to UNSC and Covenant alike on any player-controlled team. Rebel infantry are slightly stronger than a standard UNSC Marine squad, and may require multiple squads to subdue. They employ assault rifles and rocket launchers, but do not use grenades like their player-controlled counterparts.

Rebel infantry are rarely encountered alone. They can be most often found defending rebel bases on maps set on Arcadia and Harvest, with 1-3 squads spawning depending on the base and map. These rebels are usually backed up by Rebel turrets and snipers, which can make short work of unprepared infantry and light vehicles. Some rebel infantry may spawn with veterancy points, making them even tougher.

If the infantry are killed but the associated base isn't destroyed, they can respawn, though once the rebel bases on a given map are eliminated rebel infantry will not spawn for the rest of the match. Aside from bases, rebel infantry can be found on a number of maps defending Forerunner structures including the lifesupport pod, supply elevator and secondary reactor. They may also spawn on some maps, such as Fort Deen, defending teleporters and/ or piles of Supplies.


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