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A render of a Covenant warehouse.
Two warehouses; the normal warehouse variant and the Blessed warehouse variant.

The warehouse is a structure that can be built on a Covenant Citadel.[1]


The Warehouse is a Covenant structure where resources are brought down from starships and space stations in orbit to Covenant bases via gravity lift in a manner akin to a space elevator. Workers then move the supplies to the proper area for further use by the Covenant commander at the base. A Warehouse can be upgraded to Blessed Warehouse; superficially, the "blessed" variant looks more intricate than the standard warehouse—it has a larger sliding section and four additional storage tanks.[1]

The Warehouse serves as the Covenant's alternative to the supply elevator, Supply Pad, and Harvester structures used by the Forerunners, United Nations Space Command, and Banished, respectively.

In-game information[edit]

Halo Wars[edit]

A screenshot of the Covenant Warehouse building.
The Warehouse in-game in Halo Wars.

"The Covenant Warehouse produces the resources needed to train units, building buildings, and buy technology upgrades. Bases that have great economic production might have 6 Warehouses."
— In-game description

In Halo Wars, the Warehouse costs Resources 100 to be built. It produces Resources resources. They perform the same function as the Forerunner Supply Elevator, and the UNSC Supply Pad. They can upgraded after the Temple is built, increasing the resource gathering rate from Resources 240 resources per minute (or 4 per second) to Resources 330 resources per minute (or 5.5 per second).

Name Type Cost Description
Population Tech Resources
Blessed Warehouse Upgrade N/A Tech level 1 Resources 225 Upgrade the production capacity of this Warehouse to produce more supplies.


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