Shield Barrier

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A Banished Shield Barrier without upgrades in use on The Last Bastion.

The Shield Barrier is a fortification employed by the Banished. The Shield Barrier bears a visual resemblance to the Covenant Energy wall and Anti-vehicle barriers, blocking all units from passing through. The Shield Barrier can be constructed in the campaign of Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare and in Terminus Firefight for 200 supply and 200 power. The barrier requires Tech Level 2 to construct, but is offset by having all Banished players in Terminus Firefight start with a Shield Barrier already constructed at the start of the game for free.


The Shield Barrier can be upgraded.

  • Enhanced Shield Barrier - Upgrade's the shield's health. Requires Tech Level 3 to construct, but costs 200 supply and 300 power.
  • Reflection Barrier - Allows the barrier to reflect a portion of damage dealt to it back onto its attacker. Requires Tech Level 3, 50 supply and 500 power to upgrade.


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