Cocooned base

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Cocooned base
HW2 FloodBase Banished 1.jpg
General overview


Repurposed UNSC or Banished base.


Cocooned Bases are a type of Flood structure present in Halo Wars 2's Awakening the Nightmare campaign. As their name suggests, they are UNSC Firebases and Banished Outposts that have been taken over and repurposed by the Flood. Due to the Flood growths present on the base, they resemble very little of the structures they once were and have none of the base facility's original defensive measures operational. However, Cocooned Bases are capable of spawning more Flood forms unless dealt with swiftly. Cocooned Bases are generally located deep within Flood Blightlands such as those surrounding the wreckage of High Charity on Installation 00, making attacking them a costly measure unless done via Orbital bombardment.[1]

Upon destroying the base, several Flood units will continue to crawl out of the rubble. However, once they are dispensed with, the base site becomes available to construct on.[1]


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